Reiki for Children

Reiki for children is what first inspired me to start my reiki business.  Before I had my daughter, I was attuned to reiki. I used self-reiki regularly throughout my pregnancy, but then lost my practice when thrown into the hazy world of motherhood.  It wasn’t until a few years later, when we found ourselves on READ MORE

I didn’t feel distance reiki, did it still work?

Have you ever had a distance reiki session and not felt anything specifically? You’re definitely not alone, but it’s hard to believe in something that you don’t experience isn’t it?  So did distance reiki work?  The short answer is Yes. Reiki did still work. But the question still remains, why didn’t you experience anything? And READ MORE

Could Reiki be an unexpected antidote for self-doubt?

Self-doubt – the single biggest thing that stands in the way of taking aligned action. I feel like you’d be lying if you weren’t seeking an antidote for self-doubt at least some of the time and in this blog I’m exploring how reiki could help you. Self-doubt is your mind’s way of keeping you safe. READ MORE

Offline Distance Reiki (no Technology, you say?)

All my distance reiki sessions are 100% offline; no video conference, phone, Internet connection necessary. Here’s 5 reasons why: 1. You can relax more deeply  Mostly importantly, this session is about you, your relaxation and your healing. The deeper you can relax during a distance reiki session, the easier it will be for your body-mind READ MORE

How to get the most from a Distance Reiki session

You’ve heard good things about reiki, perhaps you’ve tried it in-person, but distance reiki feels a bit of a stretch. Here I’m talking about distance reiki and how you can get the most from a distance session.  What is distance reiki?  Reiki is a modality of energy healing (see here: The Reiki Lowdown: What TF READ MORE