Offline Distance Reiki (no Technology, you say?)

offline distance reiki

All my distance reiki sessions are 100% offline; no video conference, phone, Internet connection necessary.

Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. You can relax more deeply 

Mostly importantly, this session is about you, your relaxation and your healing. The deeper you can relax during a distance reiki session, the easier it will be for your body-mind to receive and heal for your highest good. 

2. You can be 100% as you are 

Without video or phone connection you can relax in total privacy. In bed, under blankets, pyjamas,  However you want to be. Candles, crystals, oils, music – 100% YOU. 

3. I can relax more deeply

I’m in a focused yet relaxed state when I conduct a distance reiki session. Offline, I can be as I am, just as you can, and it aids in my own comfort and relaxation to be fully concentrated on your session. 

4. It’s not necessary

Your laptop works on Wi-Fi, a technology network. Reiki works on nature’s Wi-Fi; our energy network. They are distinct. I can send reiki to my daughter in the next room or to my client in Australia using nature’s Wi-Fi. Technology is not necessary. 

5. It’s how I do things

Reiki has always been offline for me. I was attuned to reiki from a distance offline, I deliver reiki from a distance offline. This is the way I do things, but every energy healing practitioner is unique. If you prefer to be online – you’ll find the ideal practitioner for you that does things differently. 

Read more about how you can get the most from a distance reiki session here or follow me on Instagram for reiki insights.

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