How can Reiki help me? Here’s 7 ways…

how can reiki help me

For anyone new to reiki, the first question is usually “how can reiki help me?”. My immediate answer is “with anything!”, but I know that doesn’t bring a huge amount of clarity! 

So here’s a high level break down of the top reiki benefits I’ve supported clients with: 

Helps you to connect with your intuition (my #1) 

You don’t need to have a particular ‘issue’ to benefit from reiki. I find it super powerful when reiki is used alongside your intention to connect more deeply to your authentic self and release anything that isn’t serving you (you don’t need to be specific). 

It can help you to take more aligned action in life, move away from things that aren’t serving you and feel confident showing up every day as you

Mental clarity 

You know those days when your head is in a tangle, family, to-do lists, comparisonitus, self-doubt, the break-up you had 20 years ago. You just want to switch the chatter off. 

It’s not surprising you get mental overload when you have up to 80,000 thoughts a day and 95% are on repeat from the day before. It’s exhausting. Reiki can bring you some relief so that you have improved clarity of mind and more headspace. 


The most common benefit of reiki is relaxation, particularly if you find it difficult to relax day-to-day. Some clients fall asleep during the session or have a wonderfully restful sleep that night. 

When you allow your body and mind to rest, you create the ideal environment for your natural healing processes to take over on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). 

Physical issues

In reiki we believe that physical imbalances are caused over time by energetic imbalances. I personally have first-hand experience of improving a physical issue only using energy healing. 

Physical issues can manifest over years of holding onto trapped emotions energetically. So an energetic clear out with reiki can help to rebalance and heal you physically. 


Most of us struggle with self-doubt from time to time. This can hold you back from taking action. If you’re procrastinating, low on confidence or motivation, it’s usually to do with your mindset, which stems from holding onto filters from past experiences. 

Reiki can help to break down the filters and limiting beliefs so that you take aligned action to get where you want to be in life. 

Nudge you into flow

You know what it’s like to be in flow, you’re productive, creative and inspired. You’re taking action and being presented with synchronistic opportunities. It feels like everything is working out. 

You also know how it feels to be up and down, variable from day to day, feeling awesome one minute and having serious writer’s block the next. 

Reiki can help keep the channel clear that you’re able step into that flow lane more regularly. 

Brings you messages 

I love it when reiki brings messages. Actually it’s just tapping you on the shoulder and reminding you to trust in your intuition. 

Perhaps you’ll have a vision or an insight during a session or the message is more subtle. 

Some of my clients who knew they had been over-doing it, for example, felt drained after a reiki session for a few days. It was their higher selves’ way of saying, “if you’re not going to slow down, I’m going to do it for you!”

Reiki really can help with anything. It’s the process of bringing you closer to your source – your soul. And your soul has all the answers you need. 

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