About me

About me

claire tatarli

From my home to yours

I've been interested in the spiritual world since I was a girl. From admiring gemstones, being obsessed with TV psychic shows, visits to clairvoyants, using oracle cards, trying to learn tarot and all the books and ideas in between, I found my way to reiki. Or as we say in reiki "reiki finds you!"

I started learning reiki in 2016 out of interest and generally kept it to myself for fear of judgment.

I never set out to practise professionally, but after having my first child and taking redundancy from my career in financial services, I had a strong desire to create meaningful work without sacrificing any part of myself.

Then prior to the pandemic, my daughter was diagnosed with some serious health conditions. We spent weeks in hospital and it was traumatic. Only a few months later, we were 'shielding' at home for months during the Covid pandemic.

It was life-changing.

Emerging from this unexpected turn of events I decided to start offering distance reiki professionally. I trained in reiki remotely and so I decided to offer reiki remotely.

I went from 1-1 sessions, to group distance reiki and I later channelled reiki remotely to 82 people as part of a wellness event (that was pretty cool!).

I could hardly believe that the action I was taking in my spare room was having such an impact on clients as they were drawing in the reiki session from their home.

Distance reiki taught me a whole new kind of magic!

There are now times when the spiritual side of me is buried under the daily routine of being a parent at home caring for a young family, but this is why energy healing has become so important to me - it's an easy way to stay on top my own wellbeing (and to support yours!).

reiki credentials


I'm attuned to Usui Ryoho Reiki at Master level, fully insured and a member of the International Reiki Organization.

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