Weekly Group Distance Reiki

Group distance reiki

30 Minutes of Reiki every week

Benefits of Weekly Reiki

As a mum of 2 little girls and often solo parenting at home, I know how hard it is to commit to a regular wellness activity!

But we all know that when you give back to yourself and your own restoration and healing, it means that you can give to your family and work priorities more effectively.

30-minutes of reiki healing a week is a simple and effective way to take some downtime and allow your body the space it needs to regulate.

How can distance reiki help you to do this? Download my free 'Beginner's Guide to Distance Reiki' for the full low down.



Who is Weekly Reiki for?

Everyone! But particularly if you’re finding it hard to make the time for restorative practices or self-care because of family, work or home priorities. The beauty is that you’ll receive distance reiki weekly for incremental improvements to your wellbeing or spiritual development.

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Reiki can help you to:

- Heal on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level

- Release energetic charge of emotional and physical issues

 - Feel lighter and more open to the possibilities of life

- Trust that you have all the answers you need

- Feel calmer and more resilient to life’s ups and downs

(Learn more about reiki on my blog - The Reiki Lowdown: What TF is energy healing anyway?)

What happens during a Group Reiki session?

Group reiki means that I send reiki to more than one person at the same time, but this doesn't take away from your individual experience. You'll be in your own space and offline when you receive your reiki healing.

I usually conduct the session at 10am in the morning, but if you can't make that time, you can request your own time to receive your session. I like to think of it as sending the reiki out into 'the world' and when you're ready, you tune in to receive it.

Distance reiki is not bound by the concept of space (hence I can send it to you anywhere in the world) and is not bound by the concept of time - so you can request your own time for your reiki.

I will activate a crystal grid for the group to add some more healing vibes to the session.

During this time we won’t be connected by technology. You create your own sacred space at home to fully relax for 30-minutes and be open to receiving reiki.

You can listen to a specially recorded audio track from me or listen to your own music. You can lie or sit in silence - do whatever makes you most comfortable.

Read more about how to get the most out of a distance reiki session.

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What will you experience?

Just like any kind of inner work, everyone has a personal experience.

You may feel:

- Deep relaxation

- Sensations in your body (hot, cold, tingling, pressure, tension releasing)

- Emotions

- Nothing at all!

- You may see colours, images or hear messages

Client experiences

"I have absolutely no idea how distance reiki works but I know that it does! I first joined Claire for her distance reiki sessions during the lockdowns and it was just magical, so when I saw she had re-started these sessions I jumped at the chance to sign up again. Each session is different for me (different energies moving around my body) but every single one has been wonderful and I've come away from each one feeling grounded, calm and at peace. I will definitely be signing up for another block of sessions very soon. If you've never tried reiki before (or you're a bit sceptical - like I used to be!) this is a great way to give it a go - I don't think you'll be disappointed!" - Sue

Book Weekly Distance Reiki

I believe that reiki is more effective if you book it in a block to receive the cumulative effects over time. I run the blocks generally in line with term time on Fridays (and a few Thursdays). The price of a block booking varies with the number of sessions.

The next block of sessions is available to book now.

Friday 12th April
Friday 19th April
(No reiki this week)
Friday 3rd May
Friday 10th May
Friday 17th May
Thursday 23rd May

If you'd like to book the block it's £55 or to join a single session it's £10.