How to get the most from a Distance Reiki session

what is distance reiki

You’ve heard good things about reiki, perhaps you’ve tried it in-person, but distance reiki feels a bit of a stretch. Here I’m talking about distance reiki and how you can get the most from a distance session. 

What is distance reiki? 

Reiki is a modality of energy healing (see here: The Reiki Lowdown: What TF is energy healing anyway). It’s a therapy to support your body’s natural healing processes. 

Reiki knows where it is needed. It balances you for your best and highest good. Its objective is to bring you back into a state of equilibrium, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

If you are seeking out a reiki session, it’s usually because you have a particular issue – a physical symptom, a cycle of behaviour or thought pattern that you want to move through. Perhaps you just want to feel more energised and ‘declutter’ your body-mind. 

In distance reiki, the session is carried out remotely. You would be in your house (preferably at total peace and in perfect comfort lying on your bed) and I would be in my house. 

We wouldn’t be connected by technology at all, we connect only with the power of intention. 

What happens in a distance reiki session? 

Before the session you’ll share your healing intentions with me, but reiki has a higher intelligence than both of us – it knows where it is needed and what experience will benefit you. Our job is to trust. 

At an agreed time, you will take your position to relax and set your intention to receive reiki healing for your best and highest good. 

You then release all expectations, drift off and enjoy. Some clients even fall asleep. 

How does it work? 

Honestly, I don’t know the answer to this. “It’s like real life magic!”, said one of my clients after her first experience.  

There’s something in the theory of quantum physics that draws me in.

Within quantum physics, there is a suggestion that everything exists in possibility. Some theorists suggest that human consciousness is necessary to bring something out of ‘possibility’ into existence. And this feels like a comfortable explanation to me for distance reiki! 

When we focus our intention on healing and we’re open to the possibility of connecting energetically across space and time – that’s when it happens.

What will you experience?

Some clients have described elaborate visions and sensations, feelings of being out of body or levitating and a sense of being covered in light. Other clients feel an energetic connection of some kind, such as tingling or warmth in their body. Some clients fall asleep and others feel nothing at all. 

There’s usually always a clue that distance reiki has had some effect, such as an unusually rested sleep or feeling floaty after a session. 

How will it benefit you? 

The effects of reiki will differ each session, depending on your intentions for healing and what your body-mind is ready to release. Effects can feel instant or can be subtle over time. You can usually see how things have shifted for you when you look back over a period of time. 

I always recommend keeping a journal about your reasons for seeking healing before and after the session and any other ‘side effects’ that come up. 

In my experience, reiki is a way of connecting with your intuition. I trust that it knows exactly what experience you need and then it’s up to you to interpret it 🙂

If you’d like to give distance reiki a try, I offer 1-1 sessions to focus on your healing intentions. Read more here or connect with me on Instagram.

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