The Captivating World of Healing: What is it?

What is healing?

I’m passionate about healing. I work in healing, I talk about healing, I heal! But what does it actually mean? And what benefit do you get from it?

Transcending Suffering

Healing could be described as a process of transcending suffering. But it’s incredibly personal and subjective; what does suffering mean to you?

Perhaps you’re experiencing difficulties in relationships or in your relationship with yourself. You could be dealing with grief, loss or rejection. Maybe you’re dissatisfied with work and you’re seeking more meaning in life.

What suffering means to you and how you experience life, is ALWAYS going to be different to another person. Life is experienced through your unique filter and amongst your unique set of circumstances. 

What’s the outcome of healing? 

If the process of healing helps you to transcend suffering, then what’s the outcome? What does life look and feel like after you are ‘healed’? 

For me, healing is about getting to know myself on a deeper level so that I feel more balanced, confident and fulfilled in life with every new day. I live more intentionally and with more purpose. 

It can be bizarre. It can take you off in directions you never knew you needed to go! But what do you discover along the way? Perhaps you feel more whole, more grounded, balanced, focused, motivated and accepting. 

As a result, I experience more joy in life, I feel more in flow, less worried, less attached to expectations. My needs are met.

A personal process of self-improvement 

What I love about the healing journey is that it’s an ongoing process of discovery. A process of challenging beliefs and learning more about ‘reality’. 

As a reiki practitioner, I don’t determine whether healing has worked for you. I don’t actually heal you. You do all the healing yourself, I just hold the space for your transformation. 

During a reiki session, you allow yourself into a state of being where your natural healing intelligence is able to take over and you trust in a higher force. The sensations could be mind-blowing or you could just feel at peace.

You repair and recover on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 

Then you experience positive change in life (whatever that means to you!). You find more cohesion, you feel more aligned, you discover more purpose and meaning. You feel more whole. 

Your healing journey begins when you make the choice to invest your time and energy in yourself; when you realise that you’re the most important person in your life and change comes from within. 

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