Build an authentic business from the soul: How reiki can help

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If you’ve recently made a decision to move into self-employment or you are in the early stages of starting your soul business, this article is for you!

So many of us reach a point in employment where we’re stressed, burnt out, dissatisfied and wondering if there is ever going to be more to life.

You desire work that’s going to light up your soul with the freedom to choose. You don’t want to be controlled by the ‘powers that be’ anymore. 

But before you jump head first into your vision, I invite you to take the time to reconnect with who you are, so that you can be sure that whatever you create will be in direct alignment with your true self. 

It will save you a lot of time (and potentially money!) as you take your first steps into a new meaningful way of life. 

What has reiki got to do with it?

Reiki is a form of energy healing (see here The Reiki Lowdown: What TF is energy healing anyway?). 

We all have an innate intelligence to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This intelligence is a higher intelligence than the intellect of the mind. It’s consciousness, God, intuition, divine intelligence, life-force energy, whatever you prefer to call it. 

When you allow space for this natural intelligence to take over, you make room for creativity, learning and new ideas – the ideal state of being to build a new business from the soul. 

Reiki is probably not the first thing you think of when it comes to starting a new business. But here are 3 ways reiki could help you right now:

1. Reiki releases what’s no longer serving you

As we move through life, we collect experiences and memories. With experiences come emotions and we can hold the energetic charge of past experiences in our emotional body. 

We take forward-action based on everything we’ve experienced up until now. 

So if your career came with a lot of emotional charge (stress, anxiety, worry, self-doubt), before you move forward and create something new, it’s a good idea to work on clearing this. You don’t want to move forward into a new vision whilst you’re still under an old shadow. 

Reiki can help to shift what is not serving your highest self. You don’t need to identify what you need to let go off. Reiki knows where it is needed; the intelligence of your being knows how to find its way back to balance. 

Your only job is to allow yourself to be in a state of calm and presence so that your natural healing intelligence can take over. 

2. Reiki helps you to connect with your authentic self 

Throughout life, we connect our identity to our way of life, our job title, the things we do outside of work, the people we hang around with. We collect labels that define our identity. 

When big changes occur in life, such as leaving a career that has defined you for so long, you might be left feeling like you don’t know who you are anymore. 

Don’t stress about this, it’s all part of the process and reiki can help reconnect you with your true self.  In fact, any type of practice where you’re turning inwards (yoga, meditation, breathwork, journalling) is going to help you. 

You have a unique energy signature at your core. This is YOU, it’s your authentic self.

When you start to feel familiar with your own energy signature, beyond the external labels, you’ll have a solid, grounded starting point for any direction that life takes you in.

3. Reiki can help you to express yourself, without the distraction of self-doubt

Do you know the voice of your inner critic more than you know the sound of your own intuition? That voice that tells you you’re not good enough when you see what others are doing? “How could you possibly compete?!”

When you become more connected to your soul through inner-work and healing and become more comfortable in the silence of your own presence, your capacity to love and accept yourself as you are becomes stronger. 

Think of your self-expression as a seed that needs love and light to grow. The more you nurture it through your inner-practice the more it grows, becomes stronger and more present within you. 

Reiki is the perfect source of love and light to help your confidence blossom as you take your first aligned steps forward into your new soul business and this exciting chapter of your life. 

Hi, I’m Claire Tatarli, a reiki practitioner specialising in confidence to express yourself from the soul. 🌀 I’ve been where you are now, finding my way into self-employment after a temporary loss of identity to motherhood and redundancy. Read more about my story here

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