The Reiki Lowdown: What TF is energy healing anyway?

What is reiki

What is reiki?

As a reiki practitioner I get asked regularly, “what is reiki?”, so here’s my take.

Everything in our physical world is made of energy and is vibrating. It’s not pseudoscience, it’s physics.

Your physical body isn’t actually physical at all, it’s just a big ball of energy. And it takes on energy from the things in your environment, from people and technology.

Your internal world is all energy too (your thoughts, memories, clarity of mind) which adds new layers of vibration into your ‘body’.

Our intention with energy healing is to clear out energy that that doesn’t resonate with your natural vibration. Your own innate healing intelligence (like when you heal from injury) can then work more efficiently to keep you healthy and balanced.

As one of my clients says after a session, “it’s like my body has had a clear out and I have fewer things weighing me down!”.

What does a reiki practitioner do?

A practitioner is attuned to channel reiki energy through the palms of their hands. The client’s energy body then draws in the energy to use where it is needed.

Reiki energy is also known as ‘universal life-force energy’ or ‘spiritually guided life-force energy’. The system of reiki originates from Japan, but evidence of ‘hands-on healing’ can be found in many cultures dating back over thousands of years.

How does it work?

One theory is that reiki is based on entrainment. This is the process by which two vibrating objects, vibrating at different speeds, will adjust to vibrate in harmony. For example, if there are two tuning forks and only one is struck, the other one starts to sound without being touched because of entrainment.

A reiki practitioner aligns with the healing vibration of reiki and the client’s vibration adjusts to that frequency through entrainment. This frequency is the ideal frequency for the body’s natural healing processes, which always works to serve your highest self.

What is distance reiki?

Distance reiki allows a healing session to take place remotely. The practitioner and client do not need to be in the same location or connected by technology.

This might be a leap of faith for some, but we go back to the idea that everything is energy, so we’re always connected!

You don’t doubt the use of wi-fi and mobile phones. But society has a hard time believing that there is a natural energy network out there that we can also make use of.

It’s this connection into the natural energy network (through the power of intention) that allows a practitioner to connect with a client so that reiki can be sent across time and space.

One of my client describes her distance reiki experience. “It’s been bizarre! It’s really hard to put into words, but I have experienced different sensations each session. I’ve felt pressure being released from my head, tension released from my feet and warm sensations on certain areas of my body.”

Does it work?

Reiki is often met with scepticism; it’s not accepted as scientifically proven. But there are many studies showing that reiki has positively affected a person’s wellbeing (including this one) and that’s what we are aiming for, right?

Reiki is a totally safe and gentle therapy that complements conventional medicine and in my experience it is an amazing tool for personal development. Some people experience noticeable energetic shifts during a session, such as emotional release or energy moving in their body. Some people feel nothing at all.

But if you pay attention to how you feel days and weeks after a reiki treatment, you may notice that you feel more balanced and at peace. Somehow you just feel better, lighter and calmer.

This is healing at work. It’s small steps that move you closer to your own version of wellbeing. So the only way to ‘prove’ that it works for you, is to give it a go!

🌀 If you’re ready to let go of your energetic baggage, learn more about a distance reiki session here.
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