Distance Reiki

Distance reiki

Distance reiki healing in the safe space of your own home

What is distance reiki all about?

Distance reiki healing can help if you are:

- Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed

- Navigating a period of change in your life

- Going round in circles and don’t feel you’re making progress

- Struggling to let go of past events, relationships or trauma

- Trying to tune in and follow your intuition more regularly

A distance reiki healing session can help you to energetically release what is keeping you stuck and bring you more peace, confidence and clarity, whilst encouraging you to listen to your own intuition.

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Reiki can help you to:

- Heal on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level

- Release energetic charge of emotional and physical issues

 - Feel lighter and more open to the possibilities of life

- Trust that you have all the answers you need

- Feel calmer and more resilient to life’s ups and downs

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What happens during a session?

We start with a shared intention to connect to reiki.

It’s our shared intention that connects us across time and space in the quantum field.

You don't need to share anything with me about why you have booked a reiki session (as the healing work is between you and reiki!), but I'm here for you if you would like to share and we can chat prior to the session.

I will activate a crystal grid with specially selected crystals to support your intentions (or generic if you'd prefer).

Your session lasts about 45 minutes.

During this time we won’t be connected by technology. You create your own sacred space at home to fully relax and be open to receiving reiki.


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What will you experience?

Just like any kind of inner work, everyone has a personal experience.

You may feel:

- Deep relaxation

- Sensations in your body (hot, cold, tingling, pressure, tension releasing)

- Emotions

- Nothing at all!

- You may see colours, images or hear messages

Client experiences

"After each session I have felt relaxed and calm. Over the days and weeks since sessions I believe this has contributed to a more positive me. It's like my body has had a clear out and I have fewer things weighing me down!" - Jade

"This is the most incredible service! <3 And I'm not sure that service is the right word at all!! xxx Claire's ability to heal at distance is the most magical thing and having experienced reiki in a few ways and other healing modalities this was incredibly special! I feel lighter and wonderful today, thank you Claire :)" - Cass

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