Could Reiki be an unexpected antidote for self-doubt?

Self-doubt – the single biggest thing that stands in the way of taking aligned action. I feel like you’d be lying if you weren’t seeking an antidote for self-doubt at least some of the time and in this blog I’m exploring how reiki could help you.

Self-doubt is your mind’s way of keeping you safe. Keeping you out of perceived social danger. “What are people going to think of me?”, “What if I mess it up?”, “Maybe I should be doing what they’re doing?”. 

Most times self-doubt just keeps you in a stagnant mode – not taking action, but still wanting to shift your life in some way. 

It’s more than mindset

Mindset has a huge part to play in overcoming self-doubt. Your brain can and does rewire when you consciously approach life from a new perspective and there’s a whole industry available to support you with mindset.  

But mindset can only get you so far if you’re not aligned with your authentic self. And to do this, you need to venture out of your mind and into your body. 

Your unique energy signature 

Your body vibrates. It is energy. Your entire body-mind, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers are all vibrating on one overall frequency. But your soul has a frequency it prefers to vibrate on – your unique energy signature. When you’re closer to this soul frequency, you’re closer to living in alignment on a more regular basis. 

It’s quite common that we hold onto energies that are dissonant from our soul frequency; trapped emotions from past experiences; the things you eat; the content you consume; the thoughts you have; the people you spend time with or your living environment. 

So it’s constant work to stay aligned, to feel into your soul frequency and become aware of what doesn’t serve you. The more you keep releasing these energies, the more connected and aligned you will feel and self-doubt will lose its power. 

You intuition is always talking to you

Your intuition is always talking to you and guiding you for your best and highest good.

Self-doubt creeps in when you don’t TRUST yourself enough to follow that guidance. This is what happens when you’re out of alignment.

So the skill is not in developing your intuition but developing the trust in yourself. 

Aligning with your authentic self

Your authentic self/soul/intuition is always nudging you in the right direction. When you begin to trust that this is always happening, you start to reconnect. 

The more often you appreciate and accept that you have the right answers for yourself and that you’re being guided to find those answers, the more it dissolves your self-doubt. 

It’s constant work to purge, release and rebuild trust. But the more you become aware of it and work on it, the easier it becomes. And this is where reiki comes in. 

Reiki connects you to your intuition 

Reiki helps you to purge the dissonant energies that aren’t aligned to your soul frequency. It is a higher intelligence and it knows where it is needed. It works in partnership with your higher-self to realign you.

When you place your trust in reiki to help to purge and bring you closer to your authentic self, you’re also trusting in your own ability to heal from self-doubt.

So are you ready to release self-doubt? Is it time to step fully into the REAL you? Perhaps a reiki session is a good place to start!

Read more here about reiki in The Reiki Lowdown or connect on Instagram to learn more about reiki could help you overcome self-doubt.

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