I didn’t feel distance reiki, did it still work?

offline distance reiki

Have you ever had a distance reiki session and not felt anything specifically? You’re definitely not alone, but it’s hard to believe in something that you don’t experience isn’t it? 

So did distance reiki work? 

The short answer is Yes. Reiki did still work. But the question still remains, why didn’t you experience anything? And how can I be so sure that it still worked for you?!

Reiki is a constant

Reiki is a constant frequency of energy, it’s fully available to us all and when you set your intention to receive reiki, simply by booking a session or setting a specific intention for your healing, reiki will flow to you and support your healing. 

And because reiki is a constant and the way in which I channel reiki is constant, there’s no reason why it should work for one client and not for another (particularly when I deliver a group session). But in order to individually sense it with your senses, perhaps it’s to do with how you tune in to that frequency – and what overall frequency your energy body is in at that time. 

Think of it as a particular frequency of sound and when that frequency is outside of your normal hearing range, you don’t sense it. The sound still exists, it’s vibrating the space around you, yet your brain doesn’t process it. Someone next to you hears that sound though because their hearing sense is different to yours. 

Sometimes I feel distance reiki, sometimes I don’t

Something else that fascinates me is that the same client having regular distance reiki sessions with me, experiences each and every session differently – “there’s no rhyme or reason to it” one of my clients says. 

As our energy body is constantly changing and our overall frequency changes depending on our mood that day, what we’ve eaten, how rested we are, what we are ready to release (and another infinite number of factors), it makes sense that it’s your individual state of being on the day that determines how you experience the reiki session. 

If you don’t experience anything from a distance reiki session, yet someone else does, does that mean you are doing something wrong? No, but you might want to consider what you are thinking when it comes to your reiki session.  

We are cynical beings, we want evidence, we want proof and I think often that intellectual desire can get in the way of how we sense the experience overall. When you are trying to analyse how you might be feeling, wondering ‘am I feeling anything?’, ‘is it working?’ perhaps the frequency of this mental activity is blocking or limiting how you sense reiki. 

Your brain actually has no part to play in energy healing, so try and surrender – set your intention and trust that reiki will work for your best and highest good. 

Focus on your intentions

The reason anyone engages in reiki or other wellbeing modalities is to feel better on the other side and for your life to improve in some way. So rather than focusing on what you don’t feel during the session – pay attention to how you do feel in the days and weeks after the session.  

It’s often when we look back over a period of time, we can really see how our life has shifted for the better. 💛 

I’d love to hear about your experiences of distance reiki and whether you noticed a shift over time in relation to your intentions. Connect with me on Instagram and drop me a DM. 

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