Reiki for Children

reiki for children

Reiki for children is what first inspired me to start my reiki business. 

Before I had my daughter, I was attuned to reiki. I used self-reiki regularly throughout my pregnancy, but then lost my practice when thrown into the hazy world of motherhood. 

It wasn’t until a few years later, when we found ourselves on the children’s wards in hospital, that I started to reconnect with reiki. My daughter was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition and required major surgery when she was 2 years old. It took us several weeks to move through the diagnosis process and I spent many days and nights on the hospital wards worried about potential outcomes. 

Although I had my reiki, it didn’t feel right at the time to use it on my daughter and so I searched for someone online that could offer distance reiki sessions. I couldn’t find anyone! I do believe that if you ask for someone to help, they will be presented to you – if it’s the right step to take! Perhaps this was the universe’s way of telling me I had it within me all along. 

This episode of our life is what inspired me to reconnect with reiki and eventually move into reiki professionally. 

I wanted to help families who were in the kind of desperate situation we were in. Families who wanted to do all that they could to holistically support their child through the medical process. 

Does reiki work for children?

Children can be very receptive to reiki as their life force energy is already strong. They have fewer energetic blockages, but they can still hold onto lower vibrational energies which eventually creates imbalance. This might present in ‘real-life’ as behavioural issues, emotional instability or physical illness. 

Reiki can help with behaviour, emotions, concentration, sleep, anxiety and help children to feel more grounded and secure. I’ve found that reiki helps to bring peace and cohesion to a family, particularly if the child’s behaviour is affecting the whole family. 

Distance reiki is the perfect type of reiki for children. This way, reiki can be received at any time during their day and they don’t have to lie still for a practitioner. I conduct sessions overnight with children whilst they are sleeping, so they aren’t even consciously aware of the session. 

How does reiki heal a child?

Reiki is a very safe and gentle therapy. It’s an intelligence that is beyond the intellect of our conscious mind and it facilitates our natural healing processes. It isn’t doing something ‘new’ to the body. It’s kind of like flushing the system with water to hydrate it, but with reiki, it’s flushing the body with life-force energy to stimulate the (already working) healing processes. This allows lower vibrational energies to be released. 

Low-vibrational energies could be trapped emotions or experiences from this life or energies brought forward from past generations. These packets of energy are dispersed and released as the higher vibration of reiki moves through the energy body. 

What does a child’s session look like? 

It’s important for us to set intentions for the child’s healing. If they are old enough to understand, you should gain consent from your child to have reiki. You can ask your child if they are happy to receive some ‘magic energy’ whilst they are sleeping to help them with their issue. Or they could make a wish before going to sleep.

I will then choose some crystals to support the session. Crystal reiki is used to activate a small crystal grid and I use the surrogate method with a teddy bear to send distance reiki to your child for 30 minutes. 

I don’t manipulate the energy of your child in any way. I simply act as a channel for the reiki energy – it’s the reiki in partnership with your child’s energy body that does the work. I’m simply an outsider at this point! 

What are the results? 

For every child and every family the results will be different. Sometimes they may not be what you were expecting! One family I worked with had some incredible outcomes almost immediately after each session. Another family found that they were able to see things more clearly to tweak parts of their routine and the way they interacted with each other, which overall had the benefit of more peace and calm within the family. 

I believe that when a parent initiates any healing modality for their child that they receive some benefit too. If the overall energy frequency of the child is changing, this will naturally have a ripple effect to the overall energy in the family unit. So perhaps in some cases, the change in the parents’ perspective (as a result of their own healing) will support the wider intention to heal the child. 

Reiki really does work in the interest of the recipient for their best and highest good. And consciously, we don’t always know what this is!

Could reiki help your child? 

My children’s reiki package (for Under 12s) is 3 sessions conducted over 3 weeks. We’ll talk lots about your intention for your child’s healing and monitor progress over the 3 period. If you’d like to know more, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at [email protected] or connect on Instagram.

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