A way of life – The 5 Reiki Principles

5 reiki principles

The most beautiful thing about reiki is that it’s not just a wellbeing treatment, it can be a way of life when you align with the 5 reiki principles. 

Reiki is so wonderfully simple that anyone can learn it and use it for their own self-healing and self-development. It’s not just about the act of placing hands and having an intention to heal. It’s a route to living in alignment with your true self and universal life-force. 

The reiki principles are introduced when you are first attuned to reiki, but even if you’re not attuned and you enjoy reiki treatments, you can align with the 5 reiki principles in your day-to-day life. 

Just for Today

Each principle starts with the words “just for today” meaning that each day you have the opportunity to start afresh. No matter what happened yesterday. It reminds us to live in the here and now, rather than dwelling on past experiences or events. 

Let’s have a look at each principle and consider how you could set your intentions for your day ahead. I’ve also included a positive affirmation version in brackets that might resonate with you. 

Just for today, I will not anger (I am at peace) 

It’s important that we process emotions fully when they occur, otherwise they can remain in the body for years as trapped emotions and cause imbalances in our lives. 

Anger can occur when we perceive injustices in our lives. It is often related to having a lack of power or control. Disputes that escalate through anger don’t benefit from the explosive behaviour we might typically associate with anger. It’s not usually until the situation is calm that a dispute is constructively resolved and the emotion can be processed. We should really question what role our reactions play when we are angry and whether it’s just wasted energy. 

Over time, aligning with this principle, it will be easier to become the observer when anger arises and move towards positive action, dialogue or compromise.

Just for today, I will not worry (I am present)

When you are worried, you are not present, you’re somewhere in the future in a made up scenario. But this doesn’t stop our minds from jumping from one possible outcome to the next when a stressful situation arises. 

Worries place blocks on us. When we’re worried about something it’s like trapping ourselves in a dead end rather than seeing all the possible routes forward and potential positive outcomes. 

Chronic worry, stress or anxiety can place a huge energetic toll on your body. It affects the way your life-force is circulating and can lead to imbalances playing out in your life. If you can find ways to be more present, it will feel easier to allow the worries to come to the surface. You’re more able to observe them and move on as you focus on the more positive possibilities and more importantly, what’s within your control in the present moment. 

Just for today, I will do my work honestly (I am honest in my work) 

Your work here on earth is important, whether that’s your job, running your business, caring for your family or volunteering. You can choose your work to honour your talents, dreams and skills whilst serving others with integrity. 

Your work can be an integral part of your self-identity, a reflection of you and your character. So you owe it to yourself to work in a way which is aligned to your own values and true to who you are, whilst showing up authentically to others. 

Ask yourself whether the work you are doing is aligned with who you are and who you want to be and if it isn’t, start to take steps to reframe the way you view your work or move to something that feels more aligned. 

Just for today, I will give Thanks for my many blessings (I am grateful)

Gratitude is powerful. It can help you to focus on all that is good in your life, rather than living in a manner of always wanting more and reaching for the next thing.  

Gratitude can also help you to appreciate the difficulties of life and see hard times as opportunities and lessons to strengthen and grow. Every event in life is an expansion of our experience here on earth. 

When you practice gratitude throughout your day, it can help you to bring more of the things that light you up into your life whilst living more in awe of just how connected you are to the incredible world around you. 

Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing (I am compassionate)

When you are kind to others and the world around you, you radiate a higher vibration and because life serves as a mirror to us, you’re more likely to see more kindness and compassion around you and coming back to you. 

But this principle isn’t just about being kind to others, it’s also about showing yourself compassion. Self-compassion is important, but often quite difficult. We can easily put ourselves down and these words, even though internal, hold their own vibration in your energy body.  

So, how can you be kinder to yourself today? How can you choose more compassionate and understanding words when you talk to yourself? When you are kinder to yourself, it’s easier to share that compassion with the world around you and have a lasting positive impact on others. 

So there you have the 5 reiki principles. Spend 5 minutes every day reminding yourself of your intentions for today. And remember “just for today” – do what you can and start a fresh tomorrow. 

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