Intuition and Distance Reiki: Learning to Listen to your Inner Guidance

A key laying on some smooth stones to symbolise unlocking your own intuition

Reiki energy healing is an awesome modality for many reasons, but in my experience distance reiki is particularly useful in helping one connect to one’s own intuition. 

You have the right to live your own life authentically; to be the person you really are. To feel confident in saying what you really want to say, making decisions that are aligned with your values and ultimately creating a life that you love. 

We all have an internal compass to help us to do this – your intuition. You might recognise this as a gut feeling or even a sixth sense; an internal knowing. You might already practise listening to your intuition through meditation or journaling, but many of us find it hard to hear that inner voice and find it even more difficult to trust in it. 

Are we losing the connection to our intuition? 

We were once a species that lived without tools and technology. The cycles of nature guided us. With our modern homes and ALL the things we manufacture and consume, much of humanity has lost its connection with the cycles of nature. Today, whether we like it or not, advertisers guide us. We soak up the latest trends in fashion, home stuff, design and gadgets. We follow influencers – literally, people paid to influence you! 

There is so much information available to consume. Consciously or subconsciously it’s going into our heads, telling us what is right and wrong, what we should have and not have, who we should strive to be or not. You’d be forgiven for being in a constant state of procrastination, because you daren’t take a foot wrong. 

When the big questions in life arise, we find it impossible to make our own decisions, we look externally for the answers and for validation of our choices. Often the validation you are seeking is being paid for by somebody with their own interests. You are being manipulated before your very own eyes! We’re so out of touch as a human race that we are literally dismantling the natural rhythms that bring us life and we’re looking the other way. 

Imagine breaking free from all of this. Imagine stepping out of the rat race and being comfortable in making your very own decision without any external influence or fear of doing something wrong. Would the world be a better place?

How can you benefit from tuning into your intuition? 

On a personal level, your intuition is what helps you to understand your own values of life. What is important to you and how you choose to live your life. When you allow this to guide your life choices; the type of work you do, the life partner you choose, the friends you spend time with, what you do with your own time – you’ll live a more satisfying life. 

When we can’t hear our intuition, others’ wishes can easily override our desires, as can the expectations of society or emotional ties to people that aren’t good for us.

Using your intuition can help you feel more confident. You’ll know how you have come to your decisions because they have come from within you and not from someone else. Your wellbeing is enhanced, you are happier and more connected to everything in your life. 

You’ll spend less time in comparison mode and more time on being present in the life you have created. This benefits everyone around us, in particular our children.

On a collective level, couldn’t we all benefit from being more present with each other? To genuinely connect and make conscious decisions for the good of all.  To appraise what we see and experience in our world, rather than only hearing the loudest (paid for) voices and repeating their (warped) opinions. This way our entire system could change, we could dismantle injustice and inequality. Imagine what kind of world we could create if we were all strongly heart led, directly from our own intuition. 

It’s a beautiful dream when we see the current and traumatic situations unfolding around the world. 

So, how can you do your bit and start connecting to your intuition?

Ways to connect with your intuition 

There are so many ways! The easiest one is to do nothing (or maybe that’s not so easy!). It’s almost impossible in this modern world to sit still with no input. We’re drawn to scroll our phones, put on the TV or pick up a book in our moments of down-time. These activities all have a time and place, but they don’t help us to hear our inner voice. Try sitting with absolutely no input from anywhere for a period of time (and you’ve also just meditated!). 

Meditation comes in many forms, but generally, it’s about being quiet enough to tune into yourself and listen. Even our forms of meditation these days have us imagining and ‘doing’ different things. So setting a timer for 10 minutes and doing nothing is just as valuable. Pay attention to what pops into your mind or how you feel after the session. 

Journaling is also a great way to tap into your intuition. Search online for some journaling prompt questions and just write and see what comes up.

Oracle cards are a lovely way to gain intuitive messages, there are so many beautiful decks available. Just pick a card at random and see what resonates from the picture, imagery or the write up of the message. 

Decoding your intuition 

The messages from your intuition won’t always be clear, they may take a little decoding. It’s like following a trail of breadcrumbs, one crumb (or clue) at a time. It’s best to write things down even if it feels they have no relevance. It might be that you just need the missing piece of the jigsaw at a later time for it to all make sense. 

Reiki and inner guidance

In my experience, reiki proves to be a highly effective tool in connecting to one’s own inner guidance. Sometimes a reiki session brings direct and obvious messages to a client, such as a vision or a message. The messages may need a little more decoding. If the client felt sensations in their body, they could relate to the chakra system. Sometimes, as it does with me, the guidance develops over time, life becomes clearer as the days go by and things seem to drop into place.

However you tune into your intuition, trust that it’s the right way for you and most importantly, trust that the answers you receive from your own inner guidance are for your highest good. 

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